Powers and Stats Edit

Tier: 5-A | Low 2-C

Name: Jyuubi, commonly referred to as the Ten-Tails, Datara, Deidarabotchi, One-Eyed God

Origin: Naruto

Gender: Apparently genderless

Age: Unknown (Existed since the creation of the world)

Classification: Tailed Beast

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Endurance, Superhuman Stamina, Invulnerability, Chakra Absorbtion (High-level), Weather Manipulation (Low/Mid-level), Enhanced Sight, Chakra Sensing (High-level), can create chakra arms, can extend its appendages/limbs, can produce lesser clones of itself

Attack Potency: Multi Planet level | Low Multi-Universe Level (fought with Hagoromo & Hamura)

Speed: FTL+ (Can keep up with Hagoromo and Hamura)

Durability: Multi Planet level (should be much stronger than Obito) | Low Multi-Universe Level

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Low Multi-Universe Level

Key: Incomplete incarnation (without Kaguya & Yang-Kurama) | Complete incarnation 1000 years ago